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Silverstone Experience

This project was to take an existing design, a fully customisable bead keying and create a version for the Silverstone Experience. The beads themself are of  Formula one cars, Helmets, chequered flag and a logo bead. All of which were illustrated by myself, except the logo bead. 

We also wanted to create a CDU (countertop display unit) to reflect the racing aesthetic. This is where we decided to make the CDU look like a toolbox. Originally it would be fixed to a reused oil drum, but after testing an existing CDU on the drum with some children, we decided to find an alternative. We had a contact within the racing industry who was able to source some used racing tyres that we repurposed to make a lower stand for the CDU. 

All the graphic on the CDU were also designed with racing in mind, with the companies logo been placed in laurel and the instructions having the text of the steps replaced with laps.

Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 21.28.43.png
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