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Week 6

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

This week starts with preparing my panel review. Part of this is the production of a 30 trailer, in the guide it is suggested to be like a movie trailer, which plays well into the theme of my project. In a tutorial with Dan, he suggested looking at the opening sequence of Zack Snyder, Dawn of the dead.

The sequence is very gripping and very well done. I like the idea of placing these events into my sequence to increase engagement. I thought, as I am planning to insert real-world problems into the project, through interviews, that inserting carefully edited real-world clips into the short, edited in such a way that suggests a zombie apocalypse.

This meant searching the internet for news stories that I can relate to my concept. Covid-19 was a starting point, as I searched for videos about locking down. I also was able to find a story on COMPLAN 8888, which led to links for other "zombie" related news stories.

I finally placed in a couple of random clips, one on the Boring Company, not a flamethrower and one of the chickens. I wanted the chickens as Zombie chickens feature in my earlier research and the not a flamethrower to suggest armament of civilians for the outbreak.

As part of the feel for the video, I added interference to the slides. This was not particularly difficult as they were filters. There was however more of a challenge as I wanted a more obvious transition from each clip. creating adjustment layers and distorting the images achieved the look I wanted to achieve. Although modern television does not do this, I believe it helps create a better sense of the tone I was aiming for.

The video promo has helped this project in two ways. First, through looking for news sources I uncovered a few sources for research material. Secondly, I realised my first recruitment post was not that great and editing the video has allowed me to c

reate a recruitment video to try and help get more participants. As I do not have a time limit on the video, I can make it a bit longer and not sacrifice the content to make in a specific time. I feel I may create a couple more media posts to help gain a few more participants for this project.

This as a promo is way more engaging than what I have previously done on social media. Even though I got responses, I had hoped for more and was quite disappointed by the response I had.

With re-working my recruiting, I have decided to create a sub-page on my website. This feels a bit better for strangers to register interest in the project.

With the new video complete and uploaded to YouTube, I posted a teaser on my Instagram stories. Frustraightinly I misspelt 'fascination' on the video. A friend pulled me up on it in an instant message. It is annoying that I made the mistake, and this mistake is on the submitted promo video too.

As I had not posted the recruitment version yet I can make the edit and re-post. It annoys me that I did not spell check the word and if it had not been pointed out would have left it. This type of detail needs to be better going forward.


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