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Week 7

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The week started with fixing the mistake on my promo video. With it repaired, I reposted it on YouTube and sharing on social media.

To say I am disapointed in the level of engagement is an understatement. I find participantion for these projects difficult and I had hoped for a better engagement of this project due the the area been of interest. Although I have a few people lined up already, I want more so I can really formulate ideas.

I also have concerns over who my expert could be. I have attempted to entice Mark Kermode, this was definitely a long shot, However if I could open a dialogue with him, I believe it would be an excellent aquisition to the project.

In this weeks peer session, Lorri had found me a website that might be of use to me. The Zombie research society.

There are some good articles that will no doubt aid my research, However, the gem in this, is that they have an expert panel. I know have some potential contacts for my expert in this project.

I have already made contact with one potential expert on this list. In the webinar on Moday, Celine suggested using Linkedin as our point of contact. I have sent a message to one of the experts, providing them with a link to my blog and to my promo video. I hope that I recieve a good response.

In addition to seeking my expert. I have started to book interviews with participants. Three interviews next week, two on their love for zombies and another on the conspiracy/post-truth area. I am hoping all three bring insights to help steer this define stage of the project. I have another potenial zombie fan, but would like to grab a couple more to really start difining this area. For this I will produce some social media cards with links to the Zombie Club page on my site. I also am considering doing a couple of polls on instagram for some quantive data, I think this could prove useful on settling some debates. I am particually interested in thoughts on if the concept of the zombie is that of do they have to be undead? with a few of the films and books I have read this seems to be a contested issue. I would argue that some would insist on this concept that they are dead to de-humanise and make it easy to accept the idea of extinquishing their life. I think one area that I am considering is that is there a human rights issue that can be applied to the zombies.

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