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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

This week I started with the development of the application for the experience. One of the first tasks I take on is creating the actors within the application. I originally was planning on using one contact that would be the guide throughout. After mapping out the experience with post-its, I felt that adding others helps to build a better story. The Army contract would now become a vehicle of the bureaucracy of them seeking asylum, with his 'I'm here to help you but in reality don't anything but saying words you would want to hear with no real action. I initially thought of the character as Lt. M Luggers as an anagram for a smuggler, something I expected would be part of his character ark.

As I worked further into the project and created the timeline, I decided to add multiple characters. This would sit in line with the chosen case studies. I added three actors to the story. The Government, Traffickers and a third character create to test empathy. The empathy character is, likely, the most controversial element to this project, as their position is not directly related to the stories used. Their existence is placed to see how people react when placed in a position, which is more desperate than their own.

With the actors, I could start to piece together the tenors and vehicles of the project. I assigned each character a name. Thes were created as Easter eggs of their roles.

Lt. Phoenix- meaning a sign of hope. Even though he does nothing to help, his role is to bring

Samaels- the name is from Hebrew lore. The powerful archangel has had many roles, the most important being that of destruction and death as well as he is an accuser and a seducer. His role is to make you take the wrong choices for his own benefit.

Jawaria- The name means to bring happiness. The role is for you to do good and feel good that you helped someone in need. The name is also Muslim, which is part of the test of could you help a person of colour.

With these names, I searched for stock images to assign to the actors.


I also looked at creating a difference in the two infected zones. This was to help create a comparison of two areas and the feeling the user was been treated different from the other area for absolutely no reason at all. As Stoke was one area, I looked for a place that was in a different part of the country, the south. My pick for Western Super Mare was based on its population is smaller and thus helping to bring the issue of unfair treatment even though this is not reflective of Syria or Afghanistan compared to Ukraine. The idea to create these issues and evoke feelings was more important.

Populations taken from:

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