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Week 19

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

There is growing frustration in gaining interviews and feedback from people! From getting participants in the early stages, to an expert's input and now trying to gain insights in the processes of getting refugee status. I understand that people are busy, however, it is difficult to get the required information I need to complete this project and I fear that this will affect the project outcome.

Although this is not ideal, with what information I have gained I will continue forward, as the next few days I want to build my story. I will take information from the case studies of forensic architecture.

From the investigations covered, I choose to explore two cases. The case of Muhammad Al Arab and the case of Parvin.

From this, I decided that instead of simply going through space. I wanted users to decide their fate. Like gamebooks of the 1980s, the participant will be in the chance to control their narrative in the space. Using an app to give the user opportunities to change their story. I explored key decisions that would help set their paths.

The first few attempts at writing it out did not work well, as it got messy and I needed to be able to move things around. I moved towards using post-it notes, which allowed me to move components around and give a more clear path to the story.

Not only did this help with the application. But also in my mock-up model for the layout of the physical space and its contents.


As I would be using an application within the project. I started sketching out the look and feel of the app. As the app is a representation of the would outside the apocalypse, I feel that a quite technical approach suit the design as a representation of a uptopian space as juxtaposition to the dystopian space the participant is in.

Moving from the rough sketch, I went into illustrator to start refining ideas. At this point I started to consider production more and made a decision (for now) that a live camera view. As I plan to use QR codes as checkpoints.

Moving the project into Adobe XD, I started making some tweeks to the look. It was a challenge to make sure this was mapped out right. I worked on the scripting for the characters as well. In this process I found a couple of issues which I need to fix, such as points of difference with the paths.

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