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Week 15

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

This week, I wanted to explore the idea of exhibition design for my project. I think that the exhibition has throughout always been a top candidate for this project and time and money are the two factors that have really held me back in terms of all-out doing this as an outcome.

I also, belive that an exhibition created with a single allegorical theme is relatively rare. One exhibition that stands out what I wish to achieve is Dismaland.

The exhibition, has a lot of social commentary of living in modern western life: including the horse meat scandal, Princess Dianias tragic death, pay day loans and the migration crisis.

The exhibition uses the typical allegorical language of tenors and vehicles.


  • Theme parks represent modern western culture.


  • Cinderella, Representing Princess Diana

  • Horse ride, representing the horse meat scandal

  • Pocket money loans, representing child advertising and installing the normalising the idea of dept

  • Watergun boat attraction, the immigration crisis

The Walled Off Hotel is another allegorical installation from Banksy. This time the concept revolves around the conflict between Isreal and Palestine. Based in Bethlehem, the hotel sports one of the worse hotel views, with a window facing a guard tower. it is an interest to note that the interior holds reflection to colonial Britain, this is likely an expression towards our occupation and our continued support of the occupation of Palestine by Israel.

Part of an exhibition, I feel would be to create propaganda posters. I looked into how others approached doing these for real-life refugees.

Timestamp 12:41

No sooner than I feel my essay has all the needed research than that parliament raises the issue of migrants and their displacement to Rwanda.

I was a little surprised that others had realised there could be a racist intent to the displacement of refugees of colour and the posting of memes on social media really have helped visually enforce the issue.

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