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WEEK 13, 14

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The project in development over the last couple of weeks had halted. This was due to wanting to get a decent first draft of the report ready. Although it may seem foolish to stop what is already an enormous outcome, I felt that removing a distraction like a report was vital for me to have near the back of my mind so I could focus all my energy on creating my outcome.

One of the biggest issues within this was to figure out what references are useful and what are not. Some curation to what I felt would be useful for the report and cut what isn't needed.

It was also helpful, that through writing the report, I was able to figure out exactly where my target theme would be, which is discrimination against refugees. I feel this is not covered well in comparison to the criticisms of refugees coming in. It is also very current in that as I write this, The UK and Germany are implementing displacement objectives for refugees from the Middle East.

My main concern now is that I am able to fulfil representing this subject as best possible. I also, on a personal level, after doing my research feel a far higher empathy for those who risk their lives just to feel safe again.

My first draft can be viewed below:

How using zombie media can help highlight the issues of racism with the refugee crisis fir
Download • 1.83MB

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