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Week 12

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

This week starts with the mammoth task of figuring out from all my data, how to transmit my design solution. It is overwhelming any option I take as I know myself I have set myself up a big ask in an outcome. Although I do feel that the three areas I suggested in week six are still the main three I would like to explore, are other options more realisable for this project.

I decided to generate some more ideas using the Crazy 8 strategy. The first three, initial ideas still stood out, however, a couple of fresh ideas I had not considered come up, such as the game concept and series of talks (although the latter I am not sure how the allegory would work). Others like the fake essays/report and artefacts, I think would be absorbed into other ideas. I decided to remove the film concept, simply due to the budget and time to complete the project. I think with the other projects I am more able to achieve a look and style.

From the ideation. the top three ideas are:

  • Book/Graphic novel

  • Exhibition

  • Game

I decided to generate mood boards for the three ideas:

The publication route is my most likely route. This is in part to the idea that I have ideas and inspirations on how to achieve this. Graphic novel, or an image documented book would be my desired outcomes, although issues with illustration could b problematic. I like the idea of creating fictional documentation to support the story and one thought would be to combine the two ideas as a hybrid comic and document style publication.

As well as the the layout style, the published route is ideal as I can use different styles, such as digital, fan zine, comic, book or newspaper to create this medium. Fantasy gamebooks or interactive digital books could prove to be a good concept.

One way to create a publication would be through a book, documenting a fake zombie outbreak. Taras Young book, Apolalypse Ready, showcases propaganda posters and images of real 'almost' Apocalypse scenarios of the last century. The design of the book and the curation of words used to describe each situation offer a 'high design' feel, which as a style I think I could adapt to be used to make my allegory.


The exhibition route has some similar issues to the film route. The reason I am still considering it is that I have some contacts that could still make this achievable, such as a potential gallery space. With the exhibition, I would be able to create multiple mediums for the space to tell a compelling story. I believe concepts like the Star Wars identity exhibition, could offer a good interactive experience for the audience, Possibly a way to have participants experience a uninfected and infected experience, which could have a form of segregation could help engender conversations of the exhibit.


The game idea is a new concept to explore. Video or mobile games could offer an excellent interactive experience. Video games such as Halo and Zelda present Christian allegories. A story telling game or app could be high in engagement. Board games, although less popular these days to their digital counterpart could be a good route. With Monopoly, a study into how Monopoly makes you mean is inspiring to the idea of creating a game that pushes frustration and empathy that could become a compelling project.

The concept of this study could be useful as a base for designing a game for my allegory. The idea of having a game that severely weights in the favour of one player can help represent systematic oppression of people.


I needed to start building a timeline of my outbreak, to help structure the allegory. In this I needed to consider social issues that arise within the outbreak that would reflect the story I wanted to tell. with all the considerations of the project, the timeline and issues would hold the same importance and is completely transferable for all the outcomes.

I also this week tried my hand at composing a graphic novel. Although a rather quick test piece, I realised that I didn't really have to skill to illustrate this project. I feel if I had more time I possibly could do something and with editing the document I might be able to get a ok standard, I know that it is a gamble I am not willing to take on this project.

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