Week 3 Challenge D&AD 2019

This was my first attempt at doing an editorial piece. With a lack of knowledge, I searched through a few books and magazines I had to get in idea of composition.

With the article being about Nike I choose the type Trade Gothic, a type used by Nike to create a familiarity with the brand. The other choice was Futura condensed, however I felt it made the text harder to read.

As I was writing on the impact of collaborative design practices, I wanted the title to have multiples with a multiply filter, This was to visualise the many becoming one within the design. For colours, I originally used Yellow and Red to represent D&AD and Nike respectively With two shades of Orange in between to transition the colours. However, I changed this as it looked more like an outdated convenience store sign than about An innovative experience. I changed these to greens and blues which fitted with the colour pallet of the street art. The choice to use Cooper for the title was to have a fun and bold type. I felt a grafitti style would look too juvenile, but Trade Gothic was too serious for the piece.

With the image choices, I used images and screenshots of the official video straight from the Akqa website (making sure to credit the source). It was a tough choice of what images to select. I felt the hero image of page one was a good choice as it showed the artist working on the piece. I picked the official marketing image as it held the branding for the project and as I was on limited space I felt it saved for another spot. The last choice was a screen grab of the social media reach of the project. I did want to have the animation image placed but felt it wasn't as important to the project as social media side. I did attempt to place it as a fourth but felt it made it look too busy.

Download PDF • 1.05MB


This week challenge, was interesting as I had never done a tutorial before, it was difficult to figure out what to do as it was the first time and I hope that my process what good as I know most of it was simply stealing ideas from previous examples I could find.

The bulk of the research was hard to grasp and I feel that my write up for this was incredibly poor and lacked good analysis and structure. I will be working on trying to improve this over the coming weeks.


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