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Open Collab 1911- Berlin

Project led by Patrick Thomas. Myself, alone with 20 others, took to the streets to discover the 'real' Berlin. 


Tasked on the first day to collect as many examples of typography and imagery, based on the following themes:


— A piece of wayfinding

— A shop front

— A piece of street furniture

— A street sign

— An example of kindness

— An advertisement

— A piece of historical type

— Something romantic

— A piece of public information

— Something unsettling

— A warning

— An invitation

— A door sign

— A piece of abstraction

— A purposeful statement

— An example of resistance

— An informal space

— Something in flux

The collaborators split into groups and explored Berlin city collecting images and making sketches of signs, typography, points of interest and graffiti. Once collected the images were curated and uploaded to a Miro board for everyone to select and treat the images.  

Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 22.08.42.png

The treated artwork is then uploaded to the Open-Collab web page along with the geo-tag of where the original image was found. The type and images are separated and the site generates "randomatic" variations of each asset to create unique posters. 

As more artwork is submitted the more pieces with quite interesting themes appeears.

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